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Winter in Trysil

 A Winter Fairytale


Choose from 70 downhill slopes or put on your cross-country skis and follow the trails for miles on into the wilderness.
Image courtesy of Hans Martin Nysæter/Destination Trysil

Trysil is Norway´s largest ski resort covering some 500 kilometers of cross-country trails and 70 downhill slopes, giving you a fair choice either you feel for long, peaceful hikes – or rather something that tickles your speed hormones.

Getting there: 204 km, 2 hours and 28 minutes drive from Oslo, E6 and Rv25. 345 km, 4 hours and 51 minutes from Trondheim, Rv30 and Fv26.


Trysil is situated close to the Swedish border, and with the new airport, Scandinavian Mountains Airport – only a 40-minute drive from Trysil on the Swedish side, the resort is off for something big. You can choose to be picked  up at the airport with dogs and a sleigh to give you a fairytale start while heading for winter wonderland.


The winter paradise does not only offer skiing, but also one of the longest toboggans in Norway, a floodlit ice skating rink, sleigh rides with torches and sleigh bells, and a pampering spa.






Løkjavegen 16

2420 Trysil

Italian Raimondo Arnone makes gluten free bread, pizza, cakes and pasta. The shop also hosts a cafeteria, and some of the products can be purchased in their web shop.


Kort & Godt

Trysil Hotell

Storvegen 24 

2420 Trysil 

Kortoggodtmat on Facebook

In the bakery slash coffee shop you can have home baked bread, cinnamon rolls and pizza from the stone oven.



2420 Trysil

The ski resorts provide a choice of lunch restaurants. Knettsetra in Trysilfjellet Resort serves burgers made of local moose or dry aged beef from Trøndelag. The cakes are homemade, and waffles are made of dairy products from a farm in the picturesque village of Røros.



Trysil Hotell

Storvegen 24

2420 Trysil  

The restauranten in Trysil Hotell serves a Nordic menu. Try moose, freshwater whitefish and burger with local cheese, bacon and bread from the close by bakery. Every day they serve a selection of five small dishes accompanied by five different local beers.



Trysil is Norway´s biggets ski resort but is aiming higher with more activities and offerings. The new cottage Brannvakthytta on top of Trysilfjellet 1132 has become a popular place for mountain peak hikers.
Images courtesy of Ola Matsson/Skistar Trysil, Hans Martin Nysæter/Destinasjon Trysil, Jonas Sjögren/Trysil


To big resort hotels in addition to other hotels, four camping sites and cottages and apartments for rent.


Dome Hotel 

Slettengvegen 66

2420 Trysil

Luxury camping in 20 square meter globes furnished with a double bed, a fireplace and big windows opening up the nature outside.




2420 Trysil 

Stay overnight in a cabin in the treetops. The cabin is situated about 10 km outside of Trysil center and accommodates eight. From the little loft you can watch the stars outside the windows.


Trysil Tretopphytter

Sætrevegen 313

2422 Nybergsund

The Moose Cabin accommodates seven and is built in the treetops. To get to the cabin you walk a wooden bridge between the trees which makes it possible to access it also by wheelchair or with a stroller. Two more cabins are planned for.


Restaurants are located by the ski resorts and in the village center, many of them serving local produce. Image courtesy of Ola Matsson/Skistar Trysil

Local food:

Kort & Godt and Coop Mega in the center of Trysil sell local cheese, honey, meat, vegetable and smoked and marinated whitefish. Restaurants like Kveik, Trysil Hotell and RadissonBlu Resort Trysil also serve local dishes.


Bryn Ost

Flendalsvegen 2699

2420 Trysil

Goat cheese – and not only the brown one – from this little farm can be bought at Coop Mega grocery store in Trysil and in the little farm shop where they also sell other local produce.



Femundsveien 3663

2446 Elgå

Femundfisk on Facebook

Produces and sells various types of marinated and smoked whitefish.


Kort & Godt

Trysil Hotell

Storvegen 24 

2420 Trysil 

Kortoggodtmat on Facebook

Small bakery, coffee shop and deli, try their pizza and sourdough bread. During the winter you will also find them at RadissonBLU Mountain Resort Fageråsen. 


Petrines Konditori


2425 Ljørdalen

Petrines konditori on Facebook

Homemade chocolate, candy and cakes.


Valle The Showman is the kids best skiing companion, and in the swimming pool at Hotel RadissonBLU you can even surfe if you by any chance should get tired of snow and skiing. Images courtesy of Ola Matsson/Skistar Trysil

Winter activities: 



Støavegen 29

2425 Ljørdalen

The sledging hill in Fulufjellet is one of Norway´s longest. The lift will take you to the top. From there you can enjoy 1600 meters downhill and reach an amazing top speed of 70-80 km an hour.


Sleigh rides

Trysil Hestesenter

Østre Trysilvegen 2008

2423 Østby

Trysilhestesenter on Facebook

With horses and sleigh, bells and torches through the dark woods and in to a lavvu where you will be served a hot meal by the fire.


Dog sledding

With huskies and sleigh through the snow, short or longer trips, also overnight stays. 


Mountain King

Vestbyvegen 640

Trysil 2420



Elvdalsveien 720

2440 Engerdal


Ice skating rink

Go skating in Fladhagenparken in the middle of Trysil. The rink is floodlit until 10 p.m. and open every day during the winter.


Snowmobile trips


Støavegen 29

2425 Ljørdalen

If you want even more speed, rent a snowmobile and join a guided tour.



Pamper yourself with a visit to the spa with sauna, jacuzzi and spa-treatments at Trysil Hotell or RadissonBLU Mountain Resort .

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