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Scallops with deep fried garlic and shallot compote






4–8 scallops
8 green asparagus
10 turnips
1 lime
4 shallots
100 g ginger
1 dl soy sauce
100 g brown sugar
1 garlic
Black pepper
Marsh yellow-cress for garnishing
5 dl soybean oil for deep frying
Salt and pepper

Trim the ends of the asparagus. Remove the
fibrous outer layer. Peel the turnips. Keep some of the rootlets. Let the vegetables boil hard in salted water for 2 minutes. Pour the water out and set aside (for a while).

Peel and slice the shallots. Fry in a little
oil at low heat. Add brown sugar and
let it melt. Pour in the soy sauce and
reduce the mixture to a thick syrup.

Use a hand blender to chop the garlic,
and deep fry in oil in a deep kettle at
160 °C until golden-brown and crisp.
Cut the white muscle out of the shells.
Bread with ground pepper and fry quickly
on both sides in a red-hot pan. Slice the
lime and fry in a hot pan until soft and golden.

Serving: Heat the asparagus and turnips in a lump of butter. Arrange the fish on top of the onion compote, sprinkle with deep fried garlic. Arrange the vegetables around the scallops and garnish with lime and marsh yellow-cress.

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