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- golden porridge






1/2 g of saffron
100 g of almonds
200 g of rice
15 dl of water
400 g of sugar
1 spoonful of butter
1/2 dl of rose oil
1 teaspoon of cinnamon

1 Crush the saffron in a mortar.
Add 1 1/2 dl of hot water. Blanch the almonds and split them sideways.
2 Rinse the rice well. Use a generously-sized saucepan. Let the rice and water simmer until
the rice has turned soft. If you cannot get the rice to go soft enough, add a little more water.
3 Add the sugar and let it simmer. Add the saffron, butter and half the almonds.
Stir until it starts to bubble. Add rose oil to your liking
4 Pour the rice into a reasonably deep platter and garnish
with cinnamon and the remaining almonds.

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