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- porridge






500 g of wheat grains
2 kg of sifted wheat flour

Garnish with ground pistachio nuts or almonds

1 Rinse and clean the grains in a bowl. Add water until the grains are 2 cm below the surface of the water. Change the water twice during a two to three day period. Then strain the water and place the grains onto a clean, thin and damp cotton cloth until the grains begin to sprout. It is important that the cloth is damp all the time. When the grains begin to sprout, transfer them to a platter and cover with a damp cloth. The grains must be kept damp, but no water must be allowed to accumulate at the bottom of the platter. Water inevitably causes mould, and the grains would be destroyed.
2 When the grains sprout, the shoots become somewhat greyish, not white and not quite green. Mash the grains and add a little water. Sift in a sieve and then press the juice out of the mash. Mix the sifted wheat flour into this juice and stir until you achieve a watery, even liquid with no lumps.
3 Transfer everything to a saucepan, heat, and stir non-stop to avoid scorching or lumping. The water will evaporate and at the bottom of the saucepan you will find a thick layer of something that resembles brown flour.
4 Add a little cold water and stir until you produce porridge. Wrap a cloth around the saucepan’s lid and let the Semano steam at a simmering temperature for 30 minutes.
5 Distribute the Semano into small soup plates and serve.

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