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Norwegian lobster with Parmesan chips






8 large Norwegian
lobsters, raw
80 g Parmesan
1 dl sour cream
1 tbs Dijon mustard
Coarsely ground pepper

Norwegian lobster oil:
1,5 dl olive oil
50 g ginger
A pinch of paprika powder
1 clove garlic

Freezing the lobster in advance will make it
easier to extract the meat from the tails. Turn the tails in the coarsely ground pepper, and fry quickly on both sides in a red-hot pan.

Whisk the mustard and the sour cream. Set aside for a while. Coarsly grate the Parmesan, put it on greased baking paper and bake in oven at
200 °C until crispy with a golden colour.

Heat the oil in a pot, add the lobster shell, ginger, chopped garlic and paprika powder. Grind the
ingredients and roast at medium heat for
15 minutes. Drain until the oil is clear and red.

Arrange the lobster tails and Parmesan chips on the mustard/sour cream mix. Garnish with greens and sprinkle with lobster oil.

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