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Keike gerdooi - soft walnut cake




1 cake


5 eggs
150 g of unsalted melted butter
2 dl of sugar
2 teaspoons of baking soda
4 dl of flour
1 spoonful of grated nutmeg
3 spoonfuls of ground walnut kernels
3 spoonfuls of raisins

1 Lubricate a round baking tin 16–18 cm in diameter with butter, and sprinkle a little flour over it.
2 Take a bowl, whip the eggs thoroughly, add melted butter and sugar and whip some more. Mix the baking soda into the flour and sift it into the bowl.
3 Add the nutmeg, walnuts and raisins,
and pour the dough into the baking tin.
4 To be baked at the bottom of the oven at
175 degrees C (347 degrees F)
for about 45 minutes.

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