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Pepper publising is all about food, wine and travelling.

Since 1983 we have published 13 books and 6 magazines, some of them in English.


Our most ambitious project so far is a trilogy on beautiful and colorful "Cape Town and its surroundings". The three e-books cover a wine guide, a restaurant guide and a travel guide. Can still be bought at Amazon, Google Books and Apple Books.


Our next project was "Asia fusion", a wonderful and ostentatious book unfolding a world of food from China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. This was released in a limited edition in Norwegian and English. The book was published in the autumn 2020.


"Stars shining on Norway" will take you on a road trip around the country offering you the best recommendations on restaurants, accommodations, and experiences along the journey through a fairytale land filled with wonders. It was published autumn 2021.


Our next published book was "Cathed by nature", and it was released in 2022.


Our latest book release is «Food. Wine. Health." by the famous Norwegian wine journalist Geir Salvesen.

Two bookasines is also released summer 2023:
- Guide to Cape Town and Vineland’s
- Dessert




Leif B. Sollie



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