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Fish tempura






400 g turbot fillets
2 dl coconut milk
1 ts curry
4 tbs mayonnaise
1/2 tbs caper
1/2 tbs onion
1 tbs lemon juice
Salt and pepper

Tempura dough:
2 eggs
4 tbs flour
4 tbs water
1/2 l soy bean oil

Work the ingredients together to a sticky dough and heat the oil. Turn small fish pieces in the tempura dough and drop them into the hot oil. Deep fry the tempuras until they get a golden colour. Remove with a skimmer and dry on kitchen paper. Mix the coconut milk and curry powder. Season with salt, pepper, and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix the caper, chopped onion, and the remaining lemon juice.
Garnish with shredded carrot.

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