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Blue mussel soup with coco and ginger






1 kg blue mussels
2 dl white wine
2 dl cream
4 dl coconut milk
50 g ginger
100 g celery root
Salt and pepper

Drain the mussels for 15 minutes in cold water.
Discard broken mussels and mussels that
don’t close when struck with the
handle of a knife. If the mussels don’t
seem clean, scrub them.

Steam the mussels open in the white wine. Remove them from the shells. Mix the stock with cream and ginger. Reduce the soup by simmering until thickened. Add coconut milk and simmer once again. Add the diced celery root and let boil until cooked (about
3 minutes). Add the mussels last, and make sure ­everything is hot when served.
Season with salt and pepper.

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